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"Without a tagline since 2010"

Box plotter

One of the most popular ways to compare results in particle physics is to create plots that show different results with horizontal bands (sometimes known as boxes), making comparisons easier on the eye. Unsatisfied with the quality of available solutions at the time, I created my own scripts which would make these plots for use in my thesis.

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Box plotter Box plotter

Citadel map

This page shows the map for my favourite game as a child, Citadel, published by Superior Software for the BBC Micro.

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Citadel map Citadel map

General election data

This project displays the results of the 2010 UK General Electrion, and it was to be the first of many that investigate different data sets. One of my planned meta projects is to make the acquisition, storage, and analysis of public domain data simpler and easier. This was an experimental project, and created in a hurry.

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General election data General election data

HTTP error pages

As part of my webspace I wanted to add some humourous error pages to soften the blow when there's a problem.

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HTTP error pages HTTP error pages

Eye of Argon acronym generator

This project was made to demonstrate a point. A student said that they doubted I could make a simple application in an afternoon, so within about an hour I had made this is. It takes a string from the user and makes a phrase using word from the Eye of Argon to make an initialisation.

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Eye of Argon acronym generator Eye of Argon acronym generator

Feynman diagram maker

One of the most common diagrams that particle physicists use are Feynman diagrams. There are already a few tools that can be used to make them, but they usually have some significant drawback (including non-intuitive interface, poor quality graphics, lack of control over the final image, text only input.) This is a drag and drop style Feynman diagram maker aimed at making creation of the diagrams as quick and simple as possible. This is quite an advanced project with lots of scope for further development.

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Feynman diagram maker Feynman diagram maker

Guess the song

This project is a fun game where the user had to guess the song by guessing the lyrics, hangman style, with whole words instead of letters.

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Guess the song Guess the song

L'Hotel d'Aidan

When I was living near Geneva I had a spare room and many people came to visit for work or leisure. To make it easier to keep track of who was visiting when I created a page where people could book my spare room.

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L'Hotel d'Aidan L'Hotel d'Aidan

i, short for indico

At CERN we used a meeting organisation system called indico. Each meeting had a unique ID that was used to identify the resources associated with it. In many instances there were times when a person had to access a meeting page when they only knew the unique id, and not the full uri. I made this tool to obtain the full uri, given only the meeting id. Since this project shortens the uri for indico it is called "\(i\)", which leads to all kinds of puns.

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i, short for indico i, short for indico


This is another simple and frivolous project. A student showed me a page illustrated a table with three columns that could be used to make an insult. It looked liek it should be coded up, and I had 15 minutes to spare, so I did.

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Insulter Insulter

Mathematical inverter

This project performs the mathetical inversion transformation. A curve on the plane is inverted such that points within the unit circle are mapped outsid the unit circle and vice versa.

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Mathematical inverter Mathematical inverter

Links pages

When working on ATLAS and CMS I often needed to save links to poorly advertised pages. This is where I store the links.

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Links pages Links pages

Mandelbrot explorer

This project estimates the Mandelbrot set using the HTML5 canvas. It's one of my longest running projects that has been implemented in PHP, SVG, HTML5 canvas, HTML tables, and even in ROOT.

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Mandelbrot explorer Mandelbrot explorer

Marble Hornets

Marble Hornets was a webseries that spans the course of about five years. The premise of the series is that a student film maker started filming an amateur movie in 2006, but abandoned the film due to "unworkable conditions on set". It quickly turns into a horror series that brings with some novel techniques. However what really inspired me to make this project was the asynchronous storytelling narrative, which requires the viewer to piece together the true chronology based on the context of the videos. I'm an active participant on one of the busiest discussion boards for this series and regularly update this project as each new video is released.

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Marble Hornets Marble Hornets

Particle multiplets

For my thesis I needed to describe many of the know mesons and baryons. To better illustrate their relation to each other I decided to create an SVG image showing a three dimensional representation in isospin and weak hypercharge space.

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Particle multiplets Particle multiplets


Many years ago I wanted to make a platform game (I still do) and I needed to be able to make simple and small graphics quickly and easily. Once I realised I could manipulate images using PHP it became easy to create a simple application to make pixel art.

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Painter Painter


This was something I made a while back for reasons that I can't quite remember. It allows the user to create their own version of the "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" posters that have been popular in the past decade.

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Parodier Parodier

Project list

I have many projects on my website, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. This project is a tool to list them all and make it easier to collate them online.

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Project list Project list


A "reflection" is a term in particle physics for when a decay of one particle looks like the decay of another. It's a topic which has been studied for about fifty years, and seemed like an excellent chance to combine physics and coding.

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Reflections Reflections


This project was made around the same time as the Reflections project, but I cannot remember which was written first.

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Spectrum Spectrum

Generic block stacking game

This was my first serious Javascript project which was written some time in 2009. I chose to write a Tetris clone because it was a well defined project that would teach me how to use Javascript. In addition to Tetris I also made Tritris and Pentris to see how well balanced the three games are compared to each other. It turns out that Tetris is about right, with Tritris being too easy and Pentris being too hard.

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Generic block stacking game Generic block stacking game

Image transformer

When I discovered I could manipulate images with PHP one of the first things I wanted to do was perform coordinate transformations. They have fascinated me since I first came across them and so I developed this project to satifsy my curiosity about what a skyline might look like when transformed into polar coordinates.

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Image transformer Image transformer