"Without a tagline since 2010"

About this page

I'm the author of or contributor to a number of blogs. Here they are in all their glory. Some are updated more often than others.

Active blogs

Blog: Aidan Finds a New Career

I was a physicist and I loved the job, but it has never been my ambition to become a professor, so is time to move on to other exciting projects and prioritise other aspects of my life. Here is where I write about my search for a new job and the advantages and disadvantages of changing direction.

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Aidan Finds a New Career Aidan Finds a New Career

Blog: Aidan's ramblings

This is a blog where I share my thoughts on current events. A lot of people have such blogs, so I doubt this will be anything special.

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Aidan's ramblings Aidan's ramblings

Blog: Blog of cool things

This blog is where I put all the awesome things I come across. I try to limit to science, data analysis, or IT related topics.

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Blog of cool things Blog of cool things

Blog: Good Grief Project

After my brother Dylan killed himself my life went crazy. There were many bad times, but also good times and opportunities for growth I'd never had before. This blog explores how my life changed following Dylan's death

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Good Grief Project Good Grief Project

Blog: Quantum Diaries

I write for Qunatum Diaries, one of the most exciting groups of bloggers in the particle physics community. It's a small workload, but one that's still tricky to fit into a hectic schedule!

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Quantum Diaries Quantum Diaries

Blog: ROOT Fail

I use ROOT in nearly all my work. Most of the time it's fine and it does what I want it to do. But occasionally it fails so utterly that it's almost beautiful. This blog keeps track of the most awesome fails.

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Blog: Cock plots

Whenever I see a plot that looks like a cock I post it here. Science is hard, it seems.

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Cock plots Cock plots

Blog: Eargasm

If I hear some new music that I like I usually find a video on YouTube and post it to this blog. There are not many songs on there, which means I need to diversify my taste in music a little bit!

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Eargasm Eargasm

Blog: Physics cheatsheets

Every now and then I come across a tricky physics problem that has a simple solution that can be hard to find. Whenever that happens I put the solution here for future reference.

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Physics cheatsheets Physics cheatsheets

Inactive blogs

I don't contribute to these blogs much anymore, but they may still be active.

Blog: SMU Physics

When I worked at SMU in 2010 I kept a blog with my boss, Steve. This is where I wrote some posts before my writing got noticed by the US LHC blog team. It was through US LHC blogs that I started to write for Quantum Diaries.

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SMU Physics SMU Physics

Blog: Livejournal

For many years I kept a personal blog on Livejournal. When Dylan died it became very personal and a place where I could explore my feelings among friends. Since then I have mostly made everything private and keep it as a personal record of that time.

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Livejournal Livejournal

Blog: A year to change

A few years ago I decided to make some important changes in my life to improve myself as a person. It involved things like going to the gym, learning more recipes, saving more money, spending more time with friends and so on. I kept a blog for a few weeks until the work load became too much. Even so, I keep it as a reminder to keep trying to improve myself.

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A year to change A year to change