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Apollonian gasket generator

One of my hobbies is creating fractals and one of the most interesting is the Apollonian gasket. An area defined by some arcs and straight lines is recursively filled with circles and in all cases (except the trivial case of a single circle) this process recurses infinitely, making counting circles challenging.

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Apollonian gasket generator Apollonian gasket generator

ASCII art generator

After talking to a friend who suggested I write a text based adventure game, I decided that it would be useful to develop a way to generate graphics that could be displayed as text. To achieve this I used the HTML canvas to analyse images and comapared the distribution of colours with various characters, providing graphical, textual, and HTML outputs.

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ASCII art generator ASCII art generator

Image fader

This is a simple script that fades an image to a given color and transparency. It's used to make images for use in web design (for example, a background image that needs to fade to match the background color.)

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Image fader Image fader


Many years ago I wanted to make a platform game (I still do) and I needed to be able to make simple and small graphics quickly and easily. Once I realised I could manipulate images using PHP it became easy to create a simple application to make pixel art.

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Painter Painter


This project was made rather quickly in response to an image challenge. Afterwards I changed the project to allow the user to choose any image to pixelate.

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Pixeler Pixeler

Image transformer

When I discovered I could manipulate images with PHP one of the first things I wanted to do was perform coordinate transformations. They have fascinated me since I first came across them and so I developed this project to satifsy my curiosity about what a skyline might look like when transformed into polar coordinates.

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Image transformer Image transformer