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"Without a tagline since 2010"

Advent Calendar 2012

This is a collection of YouTube videos as made as an outreach project in December 2012. Each day of Advent gives a different interesting fact about particle physics.

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Advent Calendar 2012 Advent Calendar 2012

Alarm clock

This project was written very quickly one evening to give myself an emergency alarm clock after my phone was stolen. As a result it is not very user friendly.

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Alarm clock Alarm clock

Dr Who: White people dance

I had had an idea for a very long time, which was to animate a song using the canvas and a YouTube video. Someone sent a gif image of some Dr Who actors dancing badly, and I saw this as an opportunity to test out my idea in the simplest way possible. So I put the gif together with the YouTube song and button to play/stop the music and animation.

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Dr Who: White people dance Dr Who: White people dance

General election data

This project displays the results of the 2010 UK General Electrion, and it was to be the first of many that investigate different data sets. One of my planned meta projects is to make the acquisition, storage, and analysis of public domain data simpler and easier. This was an experimental project, and created in a hurry.

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General election data General election data

Marble Hornets

Marble Hornets was a webseries that spans the course of about five years. The premise of the series is that a student film maker started filming an amateur movie in 2006, but abandoned the film due to "unworkable conditions on set". It quickly turns into a horror series that brings with some novel techniques. However what really inspired me to make this project was the asynchronous storytelling narrative, which requires the viewer to piece together the true chronology based on the context of the videos. I'm an active participant on one of the busiest discussion boards for this series and regularly update this project as each new video is released.

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Marble Hornets Marble Hornets

Moving very slowly!

One of my friends challenged me to write an app that play clips from the Strong Bad song "Moving very slowly!" Of course within an hour I had a working webpage that did just that. This was mostly a matter of refactoring the Advent Calendar with a few tweaks.

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Moving very slowly! Moving very slowly!

That Weird Part of YouTube

One of the most fruitful memes on the internet is "That wierd part of YouTube". I saw an opportunity to create a service to find the weirdest videos on YouTube, and I made this webpage.

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That Weird Part of YouTube That Weird Part of YouTube

YouTube thumbnailer

This project takes a YouTube uri and provides the appropriate thumbnail images.

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YouTube thumbnailer YouTube thumbnailer