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Conway's Game of Life

Conway's game of life is a very famous mathematical model with a rich variety of "creatures" that can interact with one another. This script is a simple interactive sandbox where the user can "paint" cells to create different shapes. There are a number of predefined boards that the user can choose to investigate some small and interesting patterns as they evolve.

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Conway's Game of Life Conway's Game of Life

Skyline generator

One of the features I want on my webpage is the silhouette of a skyline to use as background image. This project is aimed at allowing the user to draw a complex skyline, with the possibilty for animation.

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Skyline generator Skyline generator


While investigating Conway's game of life I wanted to see if I could easily extend the framework I'd developed to explore other systems. One of the more interesting cellular automata is the rock-paper-scissors system where three populations feed on each other.

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Tricolor Tricolor

That Weird Part of YouTube

One of the most fruitful memes on the internet is "That wierd part of YouTube". I saw an opportunity to create a service to find the weirdest videos on YouTube, and I made this webpage.

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That Weird Part of YouTube That Weird Part of YouTube