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Citadel map

This page shows the map for my favourite game as a child, Citadel, published by Superior Software for the BBC Micro.

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Citadel map Citadel map

Generic dice game

This project is a rewrite of a previous project. It emulates the popular dice game, Yahtzee. This game previusly used PHP, but was converted to Javascript once I became sufficiently skilled to rewrite it.

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Generic dice game Generic dice game

Room explorer game

This project is a game where the player explores rooms with a top down view and does all the normal things, such as traverse mazes, open doors, fight monsters and so on. This is a gravity-less version of the Platform game and has an even more retro feel to it. It's obviously a work in progress and needs a lot more work, but the main mechanics are complete and it even has its own editor.

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Room explorer game Room explorer game

Google Maps War

This project was made partly to combine the Hexagonal civ game with Google Maps, and partly to push the Google maps API to its limits. It turns out that Google Maps is not suited to this heavy use.

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Google Maps War Google Maps War

Guess the song

This project is a fun game where the user had to guess the song by guessing the lyrics, hangman style, with whole words instead of letters.

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Guess the song Guess the song

Hexagonal civilisation game

Ever since I played Sid Meier's original Civilisation I've wanted to make something similar to explore the gameplay and create something fun to pass the time.

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Hexagonal civilisation game Hexagonal civilisation game

Generic code guessing game

This project was made as an exercise in dynamic HTML manipulation. It's a clone of a classic code guessing game where the player plays against the computer.

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Generic code guessing game Generic code guessing game

Maze - Island Quest

Following on from the Platform game and Explorer game I wanted to create a tile based game. This was partly inspired by the game Kharne which I had played many times, and I became frustrated with the lack of similar games online. (It was this frustration that lead to a minor obsession with 91, and the creation of the huge 91 map poster.)

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Maze - Island Quest Maze - Island Quest

Only Connect Missing Vowels game

Once I came across Only Connect I became a big fan, and especially enjoyed the Missing Vowels game. I thought this could use a game that people could play online to complement the existing "Connecting Wall" game.

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Only Connect Missing Vowels game Only Connect Missing Vowels game


This was something I made a while back for reasons that I can't quite remember. It allows the user to create their own version of the "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON" posters that have been popular in the past decade.

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Parodier Parodier

Pebbling a Chessboard

One of the channels I follow on YouTube is called Numberphile, and they give plenty of good ideas for mathematical games. In this game the user has to move pieces around a chessboard in order to liberate "clones" from a prison. On Numberphile, they suggested playing this game using an actual chessboard, but I decided that a better way to do it would be to write my own game. So here it is.

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Pebbling a Chessboard Pebbling a Chessboard

Generic platform game

This project is something I've been working for a long time and something I have wanted to develop for as long as I can remember. It's a platform game strongly inspired by the BBC Micro game, Citadel. (I have another project dedicated to mapping Citadel.) When I was younger I would dream about playing non-existant extra levels in Citadel, and when I started recreational programming I would sometimes dream about making new levels for the game.

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Generic platform game Generic platform game

Sliding tile game solver

I was playing a PuzzelScript game involving sliding blocks that i just couldn't solve. So I wrote an algorithm to solve it.

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Sliding tile game solver Sliding tile game solver


I love to create games and I try to keep up with the latest web based technology to create open source games. When it became clear that all the modern browsers support the canvas I decided to create this game to see what I could make. It's a clone of similar games such as Loops of Zen.

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Tangles Tangles

Generic block stacking game

This was my first serious Javascript project which was written some time in 2009. I chose to write a Tetris clone because it was a well defined project that would teach me how to use Javascript. In addition to Tetris I also made Tritris and Pentris to see how well balanced the three games are compared to each other. It turns out that Tetris is about right, with Tritris being too easy and Pentris being too hard.

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Generic block stacking game Generic block stacking game