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Welcome to Aidan's webspace

Welcome to my webspace. I'm a former particle physicist, now data scientist, and in my spare time I love make new projects using code. In my work I use mostly C++ and python, and in my spare time I use mostly JavaScript (especially with the canvas) and PHP. Feel free to browse my website, which is mostly a collection of the projects I compile in my spare time. Some of these are unfinished.

If you like what you see you can always read a bit more on my Projects blog, fork it on GitHub, and even browse the projects by tag and technology on the Project list. Eventually I plan to leave physics and pursue a career closer to my current interests of software development.

A sample of my projects

Here's a somewhat arbitrary sample of some of the projects I've worked on. It includes some heavy JavaScript, one of my more popular blogs, some outreach, some fiction, and some photography.

Blog: Aidan Finds a New Career

I was a physicist and I loved the job, but it has never been my ambition to become a professor, so is time to move on to other exciting projects and prioritise other aspects of my life. Here is where I write about my search for a new job and the advantages and disadvantages of changing direction.

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Aidan Finds a New Career Aidan Finds a New Career

April Fools posts

I write for the blogging site, Quantum Diaries, and it is traditional to post April Fools posts. Here is my collection of posts.

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April Fools posts April Fools posts

ASCII art generator

After talking to a friend who suggested I write a text based adventure game, I decided that it would be useful to develop a way to generate graphics that could be displayed as text. To achieve this I used the HTML canvas to analyse images and comapared the distribution of colours with various characters, providing graphical, textual, and HTML outputs.

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ASCII art generator ASCII art generator

Project 365

In 2012 I decided to take part in the 365 project. Since I take my camera everywhere I go, this will not be hard to do, but keeping up to date can take a while.

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Project 365 Project 365