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Pebbling a Chessboard

One of the channels I follow on YouTube is called Numberphile, and they give plenty of good ideas for mathematical games. In this game the user has to move pieces around a chessboard in order to liberate “clones” from a prison. On Numberphile, they suggested playing this game using an actual chessboard, but I decided that a better way to do it would be to write my own game. So here it is.


Live page
GitHub repository


The user interacts by clicking on the clones it wants to move around. In addition to this the user can create their own puzzles. Since I had already developed a lot with the canvas, this was simply a matter of using existing experience to make a game.


Challenge: Making the weights.
Solution: Ideally the weights of the squares should be displayed when requested. In Firefox this worked fine, but not in Chrome. The reason for this is that I wanted to make a fraction line with a length proportional to the number of digits in th denominator. This meant I had to use a log10 function, but his does not exist in Chrome. After much debugging I found the problem and fixed it. This one bug prevented me from sending this page to Numberphile within a few days of making the game. (Resolved)

Sample game

A sample game of pebbling
A sample game of pebbling