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IIHE Nobel Prize website

When I started working for the ULB at the IIHE I wanted to get involved with some outreach activities. One of my first activities was the creation of a website celebrating the Nobel Prize in Phsics 2013, which was awarded to Fran├žois Englert and Peter Higgs for the prediction of the scalar (Higgs) boson. This involved collaborating and development using HTML, CSS, and PHP, with multiple language support, search engine optimisation, YouTube integration, and video recording sessions. The results was a webpage where the users of the lab got to show off what they did to the wider world and to show how the rich physics program at the lab was relevant to the prize. It was a fun project to work on, it was my own creation and was excellent practice for working on similar projects in the future.

Screenshot of the IIHE Nobel Prize 2013 websiteScreenshot of the IIHE Nobel Prize 2013 website
Screenshot of the IIHE Nobel Prize 2013 website

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