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Dr Who

I had had an idea for a very long time, which was to animate a song using the canvas and a YouTube video. Someone sent a gif image of some Dr Who actors dancing badly, and I saw this as an opportunity to test out my idea in the simplest way possible. So I put the gif together with the YouTube song and button to play/stop the music and animation.


Live page
GitHub repository


The YouTube video is hidden from view, so this needed to use the YouTube Javascript API (which I already mastered for the Marble Hornet project) and there is a single button which controls the music and animation. If anyone watches to the end of the song they probably need to get some help.


Challenge: This is a very simple prototype.
Solution: This project fell far short of what I wanted it to be a prototype for. It was just a joke to show some friends, but it showed that I could synchronise the YouTube player and DOM elements quite well, so the first stage is complete. The next stage is to make some animation on the canvas. (Resolved)


So uncool
So uncool