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Daily Fail

This is one of my more puerile projects. My older sister asked me if I could make a website that replaced the word “cancer” with the words “uncontrollable urge to bum farm animals” for Daily Mail articles. Seeing this as a chance to practice page scrubbing I took up the challenge and gave my sister a new toy.


Live page
GitHub repository


The user supplies a Daily Mail uri and the script fetches the relevant page. It then performs a mildly intelligent search and replace to make the word substituions.


Challenge: The script must get the style, scripts, and images correct.
Solution: The script goes through the source code and removes all scripts safely. The uris and images are then remapped to give tne user a seamless experience. Page scrubbing has never been so easy! (Resolved)

Sample output

Daily Fail sample headline
Daily Fail sample headline