Meta: Consolidation

While updating my website I kept getting warnings from online web design tools about having “blocking” scripts and stylesheets. These were slowing down the loading of my website, especially for mobile users. Now my website was designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop with quite a fast internet connection, but these days there are quite a few mobile users, so I decided to consolidate two external scripts into inline scripts, separate out the MathJax unless it’s needed, and consolidate the styles into as few files as possible. It’s worked generally quite well, but it does leaves things less clean that they were before. It seems I’m constantly stuck between several different design philosophies, being pulled in different directions. In general I prefer the W3C ideals that the internet is a magical wonderland where you can load as many files as you need and follow all the best practices, but I’m starting to move a little closer to the more realistic and bandwidth budget driven notions of impatient smartphone users who expect things to load immediately without having to wait for pesky stylesheets and JavaScript files. These small changes feel like big progress though, and slowly I find myself ticking more and more boxes from both sides of the design philosophies.

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