So many rounded corners!

Meta: New styles

One of the criticisms of my site was that there were too many 90 degree corners. CSS has had rounded corners for a long time, so I decided to finally use this to make things look a little nicer. Now I have rounded corners on most of my website, which makes things look a little more inviting and soft.

At the same time I decided to update the style in general, taking as much of the project-specific styles out of the main style sheets as possible. This cut down the size of the main file by about 50%. The transition was not entirely smooth, and there are some parts that need to be fixed (most notably on the Project 365 page) but this does not affect the readibility of the website, so it’s a low priority.

In addition to the rounded corners and separation of main from project based styles, I also introduced some style related variables. Now a single style can define a set of colours that can be used to reskin the entire website. This uses PHP variables and several source files, which are then compiled into a single, relatively small stylesheet.


So many rounded corners!
So many rounded corners!

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