Output for cosine(x)

Iterated path

In 2014 the CMS experiment at CERN released their 2010 data to the public for analysis. As a quick exercise I decided to analyse the dimuon mass spectrum to show that this could be done in a reasonable amount of time.


Live page
GitHub repository


The input file is the 2010 Run B comma separated values file. The python script then produces mass spectra for same sign and opposite sign mass spectra and zooms in on the interesting regions.


Challenge: The main challenge was that this project was made as quickly as possible.
Solution: This project uses python and existing ROOT libraries for the maximal development speed. The other data format available was using CMSSW and a virtual machine. In principle using CMSSW should be straightforward, but I decided against using this because the software was already four years old and support would be minimal or non-existant, even to current CMS physicsts. (Resolved)

Sample output

Output for cosine(x)
Output for cosine(x)

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