My MySQL is installed!

Last week I was involved in a rather delicate project that required AJAX requests with a MySQL backend. The problem I faced was that I would be on the Eurostar for two hours without any internet connection, and needed to develop the project in that time. With minutes to spare I managed to complete a MySQL isntallation and get PHP to successfully talk to it, meaning that I now have a functioning server installed on my laptop and it can do everything my webspace can do!

PHP and MySQL, playing nicely together
PHP and MySQL, playing nicely together

This came shortly before a scare related to the Yosemite upgrade. Overnight I allowed my laptop to upgrade, and the following morning, a couple of hours before I was due to present my latest project, I found that apache was down, PHP was down, my Sites folder was not accessible, and MySQL stopped working again. After a slighlty panicked 30 minutes I managed to have everything under control and all was as it should be. It’s stressful having all the pieces fall into place, and then fall apart again within a matter of hours. In spite of that, my laptop based web server is more versatile than it was before and this has come at just the right time. I may need to migrate my webspace to a new server soon, and being able to test on my laptop will help ease that process considerably.

ROOT colors

This project creates an infographic showing the ROOT colors and how they relate to each other.


ROOT page
GitHub repository


Physicists use ROOT to make plots and it’s often useful to be able to easily browse the color space. ROOT provides a color wheel, but I find the rectangular display very useful as well. In principle, colors in the same column should suit each other, which makes the rectangular display more useful than the color wheel.

Sample output

Rectangular array of ROOT colors
Rectangular array of ROOT colors