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This page generates different fractals using your browser's built in Javascript engine. The centre of the image is defined by the \(C_x\) and \(C_y\) variables, while the \(\Delta r\) variable defines the width and height of the image. For a Julia set the constant is defined by \(J_x\) and \(J_y\).

Each time you click on the explorer canvas it will zoom in based on the "Zoom factor" variable. Javascript has a finite precision, so as you zoom in very deep you may reach the limits of the software. Each point on the Mandelbrot set corresponds to a Julia set, and you can generate the relevant Julia set by clicking on the button. You can pan up, down, left, and right using the arrow keys.

You can select a different palette by clicking on the palette you want to use. If you want the palette to repeat itself simply adjust the "Palette periodicity" variable. If you want the palette to be more sensitive to lower or higher numbers of iterations adjust the "Palette scaling power" variable. Values smaller than \(1\) will make the palette more sensitive to the lower number of iterations, whereas values larger than \(1\) will make the palette more sensitive to the higher number of iterations. You can see the effect on the current palette at the top of the page.

You can create a png image of any fractal you make. The fastest method is to simply copy the canvas directly, but there is also support for images of any size, so you can generate very large, print quality images. This page will also keep a history of the steps you've made so that you can go back to a previous step if you find yourself in a boring region.

You can share your favourite parts of the fractals in the gallery. Just give the fractal and name and press the "Save to gallery" button. To see someone else's fractal simply click on the thumbnail.


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Hint: Increase the value of "Max iterations" to see more detail. If you can't see details very well consider increasing "Palette frequency".

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