Bienvenue à l'hotel d'Aidan!

Welcome to l'hotel d'Aidan! If you wish to visit Aidan and spend time around CERN or Geneva, you've come to the right place! From this site you can take a look at what's available, plan your trip, and book some time chez Aidan.

The following general rules apply:

  • I'll be busy at CERN most days and work until late.
  • CERN friends who are here for a short time take priority over family.
  • Family take priority over friends.


  • Single room with double bed and cupboards.
  • Towels and limited toiletries.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Hi speed wifi.
  • Wii, board games, and a selection of DVDs and books.
  • Fully equipped kitchen and complimentary breakfast.
  • Parking space.

[svg] Plan of the hotel.


There are two currencies in use in the local area. On the French side of the border (Saint Genis, Ferney Voltaire, Gex, the Jura) the local cuurency is the Euro (€). On the Swiss side of the border (CERN, Geneva, the Alps) the currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF). You can use both currencies at the Val Thoiry shopping centre, the airport, and at CERN. You can find exchange rates at xe.

Public transport and arrival

Transport in the Geneva area is largely managed by Transport publics genevois (TPG). There are trams which radiate from the centre of Geneva, and buses in many other areas. The main hub for all the lines is the Cornavin station in central Geneva.

Tickets are purchased using machines at bus and tram stops, or on the bus. A ticket is good for one hour and can be used on multiple buses or trams. A ticket for the French side of the border costs €1.20 or CHF 1.80. A ticket for the Swiss side of the border (which can also be used in France) costs CHF 3.00.

To get to the hotel from the airport, or CERN, you can take the Y bus. Get off at the Champ-Fusy stop. You can get a free ticket at the airport. To do this, use one of the machines in the baggage claim area, to the right of the main exits. (To the right of the green "Nothing to declare" doors.)

Where to get on the bus at the airport:


The local language is French. The official languages of Switzerland are French, German, Italian and Romansch, although in the Geneva area the predominant language is French. At the airport you can expect the staff to speak fluent English, French, German and Italian. Some staff may also speak other European languages. At CERN most staff speak English and French, and nearly all physicists speak some English. In Geneva you can expect most restaurant owners and shopkeepers to speak enough English to separate you from your money. Aidan speaks a little French, and even less German.

Power supply

The power supplies in France and Swiss operate using different voltages, currents, rates and outlets. These are summarised in the table below. The Hotel provides a limited number of adaptors for use in France and can provide one adaptor for use in Switzerland. These adaptors do not convert voltages or rates. The power supplies are generally laptop-safe.

Country Voltage Rate
France 230 V 50 hZ
Switzerland 230 V 50 Hz
United Kingdom 230 V 50 Hz
United States 120 V 60 Hz

You can get more information from the Wikipedia mains power around the world article.

Time zone

The local area operates on GMT+1. Both sides of the border observe daylight saving time. TimeAndDate provide information about the French timezone and Swiss timezone (fortunately these are identical!).


The local area is temperate, with temperatures warmer than London in the Summer, but cooler in the Winter. The mountains are colder than the valley. There are often light winds near Lake Geneva. WorldTravels provides information about the climate of Geneva.

Border control

If you are an EU, US, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand citizen you should have no problems getting through passport control at the airport. Depending on your nationanality you may be able to travel freely to Swizterland and France. See the [pdf]Swiss immigration notices for more information. Occassionally people are stopped by the Swiss authorities and may be asked to produce ID. Please bring your passport with you and be prepared to show it if asked!